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Food Protection

Food Protection is one of the major functions of the FVHD. We strive to minimize the risk of foodborne disease through educational programming and by enforcing the Connecticut Public Health Code.

Find information on:

  • Opening a restaurant
  • Participating in a temporary event
  • Food establishment ratings
  • Forms-links
  • Food safety at home
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Inspectional Services

Details related to our inspection services

Find information on:

  • Where we inspect
  • What we look for
  • Regulations
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Buildings, Wells, Septic, and Additions

Important information and forms about water and infrastructure in the Farmington Valley

Find information on:

  • Building a pool, deck, garage, shed, propane tank
  • Renovating a house
  • Adding an addition
  • Reporting a problem
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Emergency Preparedness

FVHD is continuously developing plans that address the roles and responsibilities of public health officials in cooperation with local, municipal officials, emergency responders, and town agencies as well as regional and state resources.

Find information on:

  • Mass Dispensing Areas
  • Training Opportunities
  • Volunteering
  • Family Preparedness
  • FVHD Role in Emergencies
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Community Health

Information and resources on obtaining and maintaining health for yourself, your family, and your community.

Find information on:

  • Our programs and services
  • Adult COVID Vaccine appointments
  • Health education videos
  • Our activities in the community
  • Infection control resources
  • Our quarterly newsletter
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Health Matters is a television series produced by the Farmington Valley Health District. The series features guests and community partners who discuss the latest health information.

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About the Farmington Valley Health District

The Farmington Valley Health District (FVHD) strives to promote health programs and policies that support good health; Prevent disease outbreaks and conditions that give rise to poor health; and Protect you from health threats-the everyday and the exceptional.

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