What is Community Health?

Community health is a field of study that specializes in the mental and physical well-being of individuals in geographic region. The health of a community is affected by the demographics, economics, and social influences that exists within the community.

At its core, community health aims to improve the lives of many people through policy change, education, and collaboration with other local organizations. The health district seeks to provide accessible health resources and advocate for policy change to reinforce healthy behaviors in our community.

Programs & Services

Matter of Balance is an evidence-based falls prevention program that aims to reduce the fears people have around falling. This program teaches balance and strength building exercises while empowering people to make positive lifestyle changes

The Farmington Valley Health District is committed to promoting mental wellbeing and resilience in all stages of life.


CredibleMind is a free, confidential, anonymous online platform available 24/7 to help you understand and care for your mental health.

Take a Course

Learn what to do if your loved one is in crisis by training. Opportunities include:

  • QPR (Question, Refer, Persuade) Suicide Prevention Training
  • Mental Health First Aid
RGH Schools

A school-based mental health initiative aimed at middle and high school students.

The Farmington Valley Health District hosts flu vaccine clinics for adults.

Our Community Health Staff

Stephanie Johnson, MPH
assistant director



Justine Ginsberg, RN
Community Health Coordinator


x 312

Amanda Hubbard, MSN, RN
Community Health Nurse


x 320

Olivia Morris, BS


x 319