What We Do

FVHD regulates and oversees the installation of subsurface sewage disposal systems in our 10-member towns. This includes site inspections, soil testing, plan reviews, the issuance of permits and inspections of all new, repair, and replacement systems. Property owners, or their representatives are required to contact FVHD for permits if they are:

  • Altering or repairing any part of a subsurface sewage disposal system.
  • Constructing a new system.
  • Planning to build an addition, accessory structure, swimming pool or outbuildings.
  • Planning to increase the number of bedrooms in an existing house.
  • Any change in use or conversions of existing buildings.

FVHD maintains records of most homes with a septic system within our 10-member towns. Any information we may have on a property can be found under Property Document Search.