Property Search Tool

Street Name:(Type only "Main", not "100 Main Street")

Please read instructions below!

Step 1. 
Begin searching by entering the name of the street. Please only enter the name of street/road without abbreviations and without house numbers.

Step 2.

If your search is successful you will be presented with a list of results. Results are listed by TOWN and then by HOUSE NUMBER. Scroll to find if any documents are listed for the address you searched.

Step 3.

Double-clicking on the address will load a new window and you will be able to navigate the files we have for this address with the toolbar at the top of the page. (See image below to see what toolbar looks like.)

Step 4.

Use the “Next” button in the PAGE NAVIGATION section of the toolbar to move to the next page (Please Note: This action is only available if we have multiple files for that address). Be sure not to confuse this with the “Next” button that resides in the Document Navigation section.