Have you ever wondered about the conditions in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant? Would you like to know how restaurants fare in safe food handling practices?

Among other responsibilities, the FVHD staff conducts inspections of food service establishments located within its jurisdiction to ensure compliance with the Connecticut Public Health Code and that food workers prepare food for service in a safe and sanitary manner.

Ratings are only a snapshot in time. We work closely with our establishments to fix any critical violations in a timeline manner.

Food Ratings by Town

Ratings and Meanings:

Ratings are provided by the FVHD to local food service establishments in conjunction with each inspection. Ratings are based in sum or in part on the following factors: the absence/presence of critical violations that are likely to cause foodborne illness, the absence/presence of chronic violations of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, the facility inspection history and efforts to correct previously noted violations, the training and demonstrable knowledge of food service personnel, and/or overall sanitary conditions in the facility at the time of inspection.


Safe food handling practices were observed at the time of inspection and the facility was found to be in considerable compliance with the factors outlined above


Improvements were needed at the time of inspection in the food handling practices of food service personnel and the factors outlined above.


Chronic and/or critical violations that are likely to cause foodborne illness were evident at the time of inspection, the facility received a score below eighty (80) or had one (1) or more four (4) point demerit items in violation, or was not in compliance with the factors above.

All food service establishments must post their most current Rating in a conspicuous location clearly visible to the public near the current permit and it must remain posted until the next scheduled inspection. If the owner or Qualified Food Operator (QFO), appeals the rating and requests a reinspection, the Rating does not have to be posted until the requested re-inspection is completed. Ratings under appeal are denoted by an asterisk.