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Private residential wells in Connecticut serve about 23% of the state’s population. The well location and water testing results must comply with the Connecticut Public Health Code. Before a private well can be constructed, a state licensed well driller must apply for approval from FVHD for a well permit.

As part of routine household maintenance, it is recommended that private wells be tested annually. FVHD staff are available to assist private well owners with water quantity and quality questions or problems. 

Filing a complaint about sodium chloride contamination:

Once a well owner/user has tested their well at least once within the past year and the report indicates chloride >250 mg/L, and/or sodium >100 mg/L they have several options for filing a complaint.

The location of the property will determine which entity will investigate the sources of salt impacting the well.

State Roads or State Salt Storage Facility

If the property is located adjacent to a state road or salt storage facility, you may file a formal complaint directly with the CT DOT Environmental Compliance Section without filing a complaint with DEEP or you may file a complaint with DEEP using the DEEP complaint form with attached lab results. DEEP may then ask you for permission to refer the complaint to Michael Bedson and Jason Coite of the CT DOT Environmental Compliance Section. 

Town and State Road

If the property is located at an intersection of a State and a Town Road, please submit a complaint to DEEP using the DEEP complaint form including your recent water test results. DEEP will notify the Town and CT DOT of the complaint and apportion responsibility between both parties.

Submitting a Complaint to DEEP Remediation

Email the completed form and a copy of your recent water test results to DEEP.PotableWater@ct.gov (and cc: info@fvhd.org) or mail the form to:

CT Department of Energy and Environmental ProtectionBureau of Water Protection and Land ReuseDEEP Remediation Division Potable Water Program, 2nd Floor79 Elm StreetHartford, CT 06106-5127