FVHD is urging all residents to test their homes for radon gas. According to the EPA Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.  Also, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in smokers.  Having your home tested is the only effective way to determine whether you and your family are at risk of high radon exposure. 

Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas released in rock, soil, and water. People can be exposed to radon primarily from breathing radon in air that comes through cracks in homes.  You can’t see it or smell it, but an elevated air radon level in your home may be affecting the health of your family. Sometimes radon enters your home through well water, so it may be important to test your private well water too.   Having your home tested is the only effective way to determine whether you and your family are exposed to high levels of radon.  

January is National Radon Action Month.  The aim of National Radon Action Month is to increase the public’s awareness of radon and promote radon testing and mitigation. Testing is recommended in the winter months. 

Test kits can also be purchased from the American Lung Association of New England by calling 1-800-LUNG-USA or at your local hardware store. 

The EPA recommends that homes with radon levels at or above 4.0 pCi/L be mitigated. EPA also recommends homeowners should consider reducing their potential lung cancer risk by lowering levels between 2 pCi/L and 4 pCi/L.  


For additional information please visit CT.gov/dph/radon OR FVHD.org/radon 

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  1. Susan Regan says:

    We were told that we would be supplied with radon test kits in Granby CT through our Senior Center, but they said there were not enough to donate to Granby and were distributed to other areas instead Washington. Where can we get a free ontest kit? This seems to be another unfulfilled by the state’s admin. American

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