Community Health Improvement Plan Updates

The Farmington Valley Health District’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is almost complete! Goals, objectives, strategies, and action steps have been developed for each of our four priority areas: healthy eating and active living, mental health, healthy aging, and emerging environmental health issues. In the coming months, we will be communicating the finalized CHIP to the community and convening a task force for each priority area. These task forces will be made up of subject matter experts and organizations as well as passionate community members who will champion and operationalize the CHIP in our communities. If you would like to be a member of a CHIP task force, please reach out to Stephanie at or (860) 352-2333.

In addition to finalizing the CHIP, we have developed a data dashboard to track the progress and successes of the CHIP. Currently, the dashboard has long-term, overarching indicators for each priority area and with time, will include shorter-term indicators to measure the progress of each action step towards the overall goals of each priority area. View the dashboard here.

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