What We Do

FVHD aims to reduce the risk of foodborne disease through our Food Protection Program by conducting risk-based inspections emphasizing compliance on the five major foodborne illness risk factors which include:

  1. Poor employee health and hygiene.
  2. Improper holding time/temperatures.
  3. Improper cooking temperatures.
  4. Contaminated equipment/cross contamination.
  5. Food from unsafe sources.

FVHD’s Food Protection Program is responsible for regulating, permitting, and inspecting over 600 food establishments operating within our 10-member towns. Food establishments include but are not limited to restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, school cafeterias, concession stands, assisted living facilities, churches, bakeries, and itinerant food vendors. We also permit and inspect food establishments operating at temporary events. These include fairs, carnivals, farmers markets, community events and fundraisers where food will be sold or dispensed to the public.

All food establishments must comply with the FDA Food Code, state and FVHD food service regulations. Individuals are required to contact FVHD for permits and approval if they are:

  • Opening a new food service establishment.
  • Remodeling an existing food service establishment.
  • Operating or vending at a temporary event.
  • Operating or vending at a brewery or winery.

FDA Food Safety Recalls

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