Abigail's Grille & Wine Bar

4 Hartford RoadCurrent Rating: Good

AFC Sushi (Big Y)

1313 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good [9/27/2021]


Good [2020]

Ana's Kitchen

712 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good [7/8/2021]

Andy's Italian Kitchen

926 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good


142 Cooper Ave

Current Rating: Good [10/26/2021]


Good [2020]

Antonio's / Hoops & Hops

1185 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good [10/28/2021]


Good [2020]

Apple Cinemas

530 Bushy Hill RoadCurrent Rating: 

Benny's of Simsbury

562 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Big Y

1313 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good [9/27/2021]


Good [2020]

Brookside Bagels

563 Hopmeadow Street

Current Rating: Good [10/21/2021]


Good [2020]

Burger Fi

530R Bushy Hill Road

Current Rating: Good [9/17/2021]


Good [2020]

Central School

29 Massaco StCurrent Rating: Good

Chubb Insurance/Aramark

82Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

The Coffee Spot

760 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good [11/3/2021]

Cracker Barrel

30 Main StCurrent Rating: Good

Cumberland Farms

151 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Dunkin Donuts (Hopmeadow St)

1261 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Dunkin Donuts (West Simsbury)

25 Albany Turnpike

Current Rating: Good [9/22/2021]


Good [2020]

Dunkin Donuts (Weatogue)

142 Hopemeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Educational Playcare

1 St. John’s PlaceCurrent Rating: Good

Ethel Walker

230 Bushy Hill ROadCurrent Rating: Good

Farley Mac's

1616 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Fitzgerald's Foods

710 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

First Church of Christ

689 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: 

Flamig Farm

7 Shingle Mill RoadCurrent Rating: Good

F.V. Jewish Congregation

55 Bushy Hill RoadCurrent Rating: 

Gifts of Love

73 Wolcott St

Current Rating: Good [8/30/21]

Governor's House

36 Firetown RoadCurrent Rating: Good

The Grille

110 Old Farms RoadCurrent Rating: Good

Harvest Cafe & Bakery

1390 Hopmeadow Street

Current Rating: Good [9/22/21]

Henry James Middle School

115 Firetown RoadCurrent Rating: Good

Hissho Sushi

498 Bushy Hill Road

Current Rating: Good [10/21/2021]


Good [2020]

Hopmeadow Country Club Pool Snack Bar

85 Firetown RoadCurrent Rating: 

Kane's Market

1310 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good [3/29/2021]HistoryGood [2020]

Kane's Market Little League

Plank Hill RoadCurrent Rating: 

Latimer Lane School

33 Mountain View RoadCurrent Rating: Good

Little Mazen Pizza

1362 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good (9/2/2021)

Luna Pizza

530 Bushy Hill Road

Current Rating: Good [11/5/2021]


Good [2020]

Main Moon

773 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Marco's Restaurant

32 Main St

Current Rating: Good [9/10/21]


Good [3/24/21]

Good [2020]

The Master's School

36 Westledge RoadCurrent Rating: Good


22 Albany TurnpikeCurrent Rating: Good

McLean Health Cener

75 Great Pond RoadCurrent Rating: Good

McLean - The Village

100 Sarah LaneCurrent Rating: Good

Meadow Asian Cuisine

532 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Metro Bis

690 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Millwright's Restaurant

77 West StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Millwright's Restaurant Food Truck

77 West StreetCurrent Rating: Good


244 Farms Village RoadCurrent Rating: Good

Old Well Tavern

20 Tariffville RoadCurrent Rating: Good

Pastels Catering

542 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good [7/9/2021]

Plan B Burger

4 Railroad StCurrent Rating: Good

Popover Bistro & Bakery

928 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good [9/21/21]

Present Company

2 Tunxis RoadCurrent Rating: Good

Pride Simsbury North

1340 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: 

Pride Simsbury South

518 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Red Stone Pub

10 Jim Gallagher WayCurrent Rating: Good

Riverview Catering

10 Winslow PlaceCurrent Rating: Good

Rosedale Farm Kitchen/Bakery

25 East Weatogue StCurrent Rating: Good

Simsbury Grange

236 Farms Village RoadCurrent Rating: 

Simsbury High School

34 Farms Village Road

Current Rating: Good [9/10/21]

Simsbury Historical Society

Current Rating: Good

The Simsbury Inn

397 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Skater's Cove

1375 Hopemeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Squadron Line Elementary School

44 Squadron Line Road

Current Rating: Good [10/4/2021]


Good [2020]


930 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Stop & Shop

498 Bushy Hill Road

Current Rating: Good [10/21/2021]


Good [2020]

St. Mary's Church

946 Hopemeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

Subway (Albany Turnpike)

25B Albany TurnpikeCurrent Rating: Good

Subway (Hopmeadow St)

924 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Sunrise Convenience Store

1225 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Tan Wong

135 West St

Current Rating: Good [Good]

Tariffville School

42 Wintrop St.Current Rating: Good [3/24/21]HistoryGood [2020]

Tootin Hills School

35 Nimrod Road

Current Rating: Good [9/19/21]

Trinity Episcopal Church

11 Church StCurrent Rating: 

Simsbury Fire District

871 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Simsbury Senior Center

754 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Good

Simsbury United Methodist Church

799 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: 

Soma Gril

731 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Good

St Albans Episcopal Church

197 Bushy Hill RoadCurrent Rating: 

Virginia Connelly Residence

1600 Hopmeadow Street

Current Rating: Good [9/13/21]

Westminster School Dining Hall

995 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good [11/1/2021]


Good [2020]

Westminster School - Brockelman Grill

995 Hopmeadow St

Current Rating: Good [11/1/2021]


Good [2020]


Chili's Grill and Bar

530 Bushy Hill RoadCurrent Rating: Fair

Hopmeadow Country Club

85 Firetown Road

Current Rating: Fair [8/1/2021]


Poor [7/8/2021]

Good [2020]

Jason's House

1396 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Fair

Joe Pizza

2 Wilcox Street

Current Rating: Fair [9/22/21]


Poor [8/30/21]

Fair [2020]

Little India

1416 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent

Rating: Fair [10/28/2021]


Good [2020]

People's Choice

836 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Fair

Pepperoni's Pizza

1400 Hopmeadow StreetCurrent Rating: Fair

Table 570 Asian Fusion

570 Hopmeadow StCurrent Rating: Fair

The Winged Bear

775-781 Hopmeadow Street

Current Rating: Fair (9/1/2021)